Francis Robert
Software Developer & UI Designer



I am Robert, a Software Developer / UX Sniper that has common passion. "Create amazing product."

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I am heavily involved in the selection of technology partners for mobile and rich interaction software platforms as well as the design of internal and external business and technical processes for the organization.
As the organization seeks to expand its portfolio, my role is not only to evaluate business partners, manage development task and strategies, but also to conceptualize new innovative ideas that will help create a much wider scope for ecosystem for mobile, web and interactive software within the kingdom.
I am tasked with envisioning how multiple platforms and components within the corporate ecosystem would be able to work together in a manner that makes both business and technical sense.
Transforming every great idea into a clear and distinguished end product.
“The simplest things are often the truest.” – Richard Bach
Multi disciplined professional - Software development, Information Architecture, Visual and Interaction Design, Usability.
Design is thinking made visual. - Saul Bass
When it comes to interaction design, my mindset is having empathy for and understanding users, and creating something great for them.
A cup of creative juice and good semantic framework on top can boost your next project with oozing appeal, creativity, innovation and modern style

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Oruba Street, Oleya Quarters

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia