Kingdom Deals
UX & Software Idealization

Kingdom Deals is a SaaS (Software as a Service) for both digital advertisers and brand marketers. 
Provide advertisers a way to deliver promotional deals through different channels, mainly, mobile, social media & kingdom deals website. 

Brief : 

In today’s world, users can easily decide to buy specific products through internet while browsing using their mobile phones. The decision factor of each user is the main factor why online shopping has become a success this past few years. The reach of social media is astonishing, and, with the right recipe and tools, every brand using enhanced technologies can boost up their sales in an instant.

Kingdom Deals is a platform where advertisers can easily deliver promotional content to users. Contents are delivered directly to user’s mobile phone, at the same time delivered directly to some social media websites. Kingdom Deals is composed of the following modules:

  1. Kingdom Deals mobile application – a free downloadable app for iOS, Android and windows.
  2. Facebook App
  3. Website
  4. Kingdom Deals portal for advertisers.




Oruba Street, Oleya Quarters

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia